Monday, 30 December 2013

Chapter 3

Dear You,
It's New Year's Eve! Time to pop the imaginary sparkling champagne that you have been hoarding up for this special occasion. I intend to head down to Salvation Army Thrift Store ( Upper Serangoon Road, because it is nearest to my house) to donate some of my pre-loved items.  Here are a few quick and  'drafty' snapshots. I'm really bad at ironing. My apologies if they appear somewhat crumpled.

There is a twin set of LizClaiborne, because I could not decide which colour suited me better. So I did the easiest thing-- grabbed them both.
 As for the rest, I only wore them about 4 times...the most.

Jeans is from H&M. Bought it from London four-five years ago before it finally opened its long-awaited store in Singapore. Wore for two times?

I hope you will visit the thrift store; other than clothes, it has quite an interesting range of merchandises.

May you enjoy yourself tremendously (according to how you term  'enjoy' to be like) on the last day of 2013! The Earth is going to complete its yearly journey for one more time.

With love and cheers,
Chapter D

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