Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Chapter 4: Chapter D

Dear You,
Happy shimmering, glittering, fireworks 2014!!! Thank you for visiting my blog and you are most welcome here!! I would like to share more about myself.

Hi, I'm Diana and I'm 28 this year. 2014 is a very significant year because it represents unrestricted, unbounded, expressive and extra-easy freedom. I was bonded to the Ministry of Education (Singapore) for 4 years and my bond ended last year--which is to say, I have been teaching English/Langarts/History for the past 4-5 years and officially resigned on 31 Dec 2013.

Teaching has been great, and I have met many amazing wonderful colleagues and friends in my previous workplace. I am very grateful to a handful of them who were always there for me to provide support, love and care. Along the ways, I have also taught many fantastic students who have made teaching a very meaningful experience!
The reason to resign is because I want to explore and discover the world in a bigger space. In the sense, I would like to travel during non-school holiday periods and find out more about other jobs out there in the market. But I'll definitely missed my darlings friends whom I have made in my previous job and of course, the adorable students too!
My interests are mainly reading, attending concerts, slipping tea, surfing fashion blogs, snuggling in bed and being messy.
For some uncanny reason, I just felt propelled to start a blog. My initiate idea was to blog about the clothes that are literally spilling out from my wardrobe as I kept buying and buying, but not wearing them at all; mainly because they are not very suitable for real life occasions. But I really love them, hence Mirrorpages is more like a platform for me to show them to the world. Thank God for digital technology. :)
My 2014 New Year's resolutions are:
1) to finish reading the books that are half-read like: Catch 22, Lolita, Middlesex and The Prague Cemetery;
 2) to take part in blood donation drive. I tired to do so last year, but I was rejected because the health authority said that I had low iron count. I'm B+ blood type by the way;
3) to attend church services more faithfully. I have not been regular at all with Sunday services because I could not wake up before 12pm on weekends, hence missing out on services which starts at 930 and 1130am.
4) to brush up on my writing style. :))
Lastly, a humongous 'Thank-you' to all the inspirations out there and see you again in my next post.
Follow your dreams, remember who you are, and be what you want to be.
With love and heartfelt appreciation,
Chapter D
P/S: To my past students, let's keep in contact. Drop me an email at yeah? I can give you my number via email. All the best to you in your future endeavours.

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