Friday, 3 January 2014

Chapter 5: Holidays

Dear You,
For many Roman-calendar-weeks, I have been addicted to sleeping at 3 am, and waking up after 2pm; it kind of feels like living inside a floating balloon. Alright..I know it's really bad for health, will tune my body clock back to 'conventional' sleeping and waking hours soon.

This holiday has been exhilarating because I went on an exotic food hunt: turtle and kangaroo meat! Sipping and slurping away bowls of Tai Seng Turtle soup at Maxwell Market was one of my favourite  indulgence-- the soup is delicious and the meat is tender. The founder of the stall is also a chatty and friendly old uncle who loves to sit down and have a good chat with anyone.

Next up, Kangaroo loin at Robert Timms.

 The dessert fairy also led me to a lovely cut of tea with ginger crème brûlée at P.S café.

With much excitement, I explored the Salvation Army Family Thrift Shop at Upper Bukit Timah that I have also wanted to visit for the longest time ever; and it was nothing short of amazing. Actually, I did feel quite sneaky when I took these pictures, because I was unsure if photography was allowed. Fortunately an assistant 'caught' me doing that, and she did nothing but gave me a big welcoming smile. :)

There are spellbound rainbow collections of clocks, paintings, shoes, gowns, dresses, pants, furniture, books and other magical please do go down and take a look for yourself!

Ending with OFTD (Outfit of The Day, is that how they term it?....oh well...)

Shoes: Marks & Sepncer
Dress: United Colors of Benetton
Jacket: H&M
Crown brooch: Vintage


With love and melon candy,
Chapter D

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